Peter Max (German / American, b. 1937) is an artist whose individual style is closely connected with an entire decade: the 1960s. This Countercultural icon, who is still making art to this day, has enjoyed immense popularity and success, and the rare artist who is equally at home making posters for psychedelic concerts as he is painting welcome murals at the U.S. border at Presidential invitation. His long career, stretching from the 1960s to the present, likewise makes him a highly collected and sought after artist. As a result, Nest Egg Auctions regularly sells the Art of Peter Max for considerable prices.


Peter Max was born in Berlin, Germany in 1937, before moving to Shanghai in 1938. Max’s family settled in the United States in 1953, and, by 1962, Max was making artwork for albums and book covers. He became deeply involved with the Counterculture of the 1960’s, and incorporated aspects of the movement into his work. Max soon became the artist most associated with 60’s counterculture, making posters that are, in a word, psychedelic. Bright colors (think acid green), thick lines, kaleidoscopic views, and the blurring of reality and fantasy mark Max’s posters, which have come to be emblematic of the 60’s in general.

A marketing genius, Peter Max licensed his artwork to be used for everything from clocks to shoes. His paintings began to take on a more painterly (brush stroke forward) style in the 1970’s. Max’s penchant for bright acidic colors and thick lines continued in this period, as it has to the present day. He still makes works in both his 60’s and later styles. Nest Egg has sold an example of his 60’s poster style, a serigraph entitled Pointing to Infinity. The print seems to show the Earth and a strange object with what looks to be a rocket ship painted onto it. The bright colors against the gray background makes them pop out to the eye, and certainly keeps your attention.

Peter Max Painting of the Statue of Liberty

Peter Max, Pop Artist

Max is also connected with Pop Art, the movement that took images from popular culture and re-examined them. Max often will use images of famous people, monuments, or objects. Perhaps his favorite motif is the Statue of Liberty, which he has painted countless times. Nest Egg Auctions has sold one such painting from 2002. This painting is a wonderful example of Max’s fascination with the Statue of Liberty, while also being a good example of his more painterly style. Lady Liberty is rendered in red and pink and constructed out of thick, visible brushstrokes. The colors used for the Statue of Liberty, as well as around it, are very bright in keeping with Max’s individual style and vision.

Selling Peter Max’s Art

Peter Max is among the most popular American artists living, and his works are highly sought after at auction. Nest Egg Auctions is always happy to sell Max’s wonderful work. If you have a painting or print (or any other Peter Max item), we would love to see it! Please send us a photo, and we would be delighted to discuss it further with you.