Charles Fazzino (American, b. 1955) is a contemporary American Pop Artist, best known for his incredibly detailed and vividly colored works of 3D art. A lifelong New Yorker, Fazzino studied at the School for Visual Arts in New York City. Surrounded by the sights, sounds, and fast pace of life in New York City, Fazzino is greatly influenced by the world around him. In addition, as a Pop Artist, Fazzino examines the effect of popular culture on art and expression. As a result, Fazzino packs his art with detail, bright colors, and recognizable buildings, people, and pop culture references. His works are busy and bustling, and capture the very essence of city life.

Charles Fazzino, "Money Doesn't Grow on Trees". Collage. Contemporary.

Fazzino’s Style and Practice

Charles Fazzino’s works are often cityscapes. Fazzino will make an image of New York City or another city around the world, and fill it with buildings, people, and objects that reference what the viewer thinks of when they think of that city. These works are described as 3D (three dimensional) as Fazzino physically makes his paintings and prints pop up from their background. He usually does this by cutting out certain parts of a work and raising them off the background. This allows Fazzino to layer his art, creating an image that has physical depth and quite literally sticks out to the viewer. Then, Fazzino usually incorporates glitter and Swarovski crystals into his artwork, making them mixed media works of art. As a result, the crowded masses of people and buildings interspersed with pop culture references, like Mickey Mouse and “The Big Apple”, make a scene that draws the viewer in and holds them spellbound. Fazzino’s works require close looking and time to fully appreciate.

Charles Fazzino, "Mickey's World Tour". Collage. Contemporary.

Fazzino at Nest Egg Auctions

Charles Fazzino makes both paintings and prints of various types. Both media are treated in the same manner by Fazzino, as he uses his cut out technique in both cases, and, thus, the effect is similar. Nest Egg Auctions has sold numerous examples of Fazzino’s work, both original paintings and prints. One original painting, Festa di San Gennaro (possibly 1983), shows a festival in Little Italy in New York City. Groups of people are found throughout, and one can enter into the work to experience Fazzino’s vision.

Charles Fazzino, "Festa di San Gennaro". Paint on paper. ca. 1983.

One print, The World Loves NYC (contemporary), is a monumental work. Fazzino depicts the Five Boroughs of New York City and the surrounding areas. At the center is Manhattan, with the Bronx, Harlem, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and even Palisades in the distance. Famous structures, like the Empire State Building and Yankee Stadium, as well as cars, billboards, and even hot air balloons, fill the piece. A major work on a massive scale, The World Loves NYC is a characteristic example of what Fazzino is all about.

Charles Fazzino, "The World Loves NYC". Collage. Contemporary.

Selling Charles Fazzino at Nest Egg Auctions

Both of these works by Charles Fazzino sold very well, as have the other examples Nest Egg has sold throughout the years. If you have a work by Charles Fazzino, please reach out to us! We are experienced in handling Fazzino’s works, and would be happy to see yours.

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