Collection of modern United States commemorative silver dollars (and one silver half dollar). 1980s – 1990s. All coins 90% silver. 12 coins. Coins in both Proof and Uncirculated condition, unless otherwise noted. Two 1986 Statue of Liberty Centennial commemoratives, three 1993 Bill of Rights / James Madison commemoratives (one Uncirculated dollar, one Proof dollar and half dollar), two 1991 Mount Rushmore Golden Anniversary commemoratives, one 1989 Congressional Bicentennial silver dollar (Unc.), two 1987 U.S. Constitution Bicentennial commemoratives (Proof / Unc.), two 1992 White House 200th Anniversary commemorative (Proof / Unc.). In U.S. Mint boxes / cases. Total silver weight: almost 9.4 OZT. Minor discoloration on some coins, all encapsulated by the Mint.

Keywords: coins, collection, collecting, coin, numismatics, precious