Estate miscellany, including various objects. These include tokens (mid 19th to late 20th century, including a Prince Edward Island Ships Colonies & Commerce token (ca. 1835), a Kaiser Wilhelm military medal (Dem Besten Schutzen) in 99% silver (1.12 OZT), and various commemorative tokens and exonumia. A box of fake noses (some with mustaches). One clock by Aug. Schatz & Sohne, Germany. One 20 year calendar (1943 – 1962). Various pendants and pins. Christian Dior keychain fob (leather). Two lighters (one Penguin and one Baby Mylflam). One Baby’s Bank. One miniature photo album (photo only in cover). Two Occupied Japan porcelain figurines. One Japan porcelain shoe. two leather straps with fake coins on the ends. One eyeglass case. One box for Bon Ami powder. Condition varies, As Is.

Keywords: precious, grab box, mystery.