Collection of ten United States “Hard Times Tokens”. These are private tokens issued by merchants and others to make up for a lack of hard currency during the financial crisis of 1837. Includes 1838 Mint Drop / Loco Foco, 1837 “Substitute for Shin Plasters”, 1837 “Millions for Defense, Not One Cent for Tribute”, 1837 “Centre Market Commodation”, two “I Take the Responsibilty / Roman Firmness”, 1827 – 1835 NY Merchants Exchange, undated NY Merchants Exchange, 1833 American Institute, and undated “Nothing is Impossible to Him that Wills It” token. All in circulated condition, mixed wear. Some pieces better than others.

Keywords: numismatics, numismatic, exonumia, collectible, collector, Andrew Jackson, coins, coinage, coin, copper, bronze, brass