Auction Highlights & Prices Realized

Over the past 20 years, Nest Egg Auctions has evolved from a local country auction into a leading regional provider of auction services, commanding top prices for fine art, antiques, and entire state collections. Below are some highlighted prices realized for items that have come up for sale in recent years. Nest Egg’s modern online presence and advanced knowledge of the current market allow us to meet or exceed consignor expectations without sacrificing our high-quality, individualized customer experience.

Prices Realized for Estate Collections

The Alfred Cheney Johnston Collection

Alfred Cheney (ACJ) Johnston was best know for his photographic portaits of the Ziegfeld Follies showgirls in the 1920s. Beyond his work for Flo Ziegfeld, ACJ operated a commercial photo studio in New York City until approximately 1940 when he moved to Connecticut. He preferred to use a Century view camera that produced 11×14-inch glass plate negatives. Cameras and equipment, as well as many previously unseen photographs were discovered at his Oxford, CT home.

After a large, international auction gallery turned down the estate, Nest Egg Auctions worked closely with the ACJ’s relatives to catalogue and auction off ACJ’s collected works and the contents of his Connecticut home. The entire collection, which included rare 20th Century works of art, photographs and equipment, rare books, and much more, sold for $796,000.

Carl W. Brandien – The Vagabond Artist

Carl W Brandien Collected Works - $107,000Carl William Brandien (pronounced Brandeen) is best know for his incredible works depicting scenes from all over the world, which he created throughout the 1920s and 1930s while on a journey to “discover and paint beauty in all corners of the earth. In New York, Brandien painted murals for the Friar’s Club, The Russian Club, and the Officer’s Dining Hal at West Point. He painted opening night of the original Metropolitan Opera House and was commissioned to paint the great Atlantic and Pacific Fleet’s visit to New York in 1937.

After Brandien’s death, his studio was dismantled and shipped to his niece Martha Hanley’s home in Naugatuck, CT, where is remained stored away for 40 years. In 2006, Brandien’s work was relatively unknown art experts, despite his incredible portfolio. Nest Egg Auctions arranged an exhibition of this lost archive that featured aspects of the entire collection, which sold as a single group for over $100,000.

William Brinley & His Famous Circus Collection

From the time he was nine year old, William Brinley has been displaying his ever growing collection of circus memorabilia. Many of his posters and photographs were originally acquired during the golden era of the American Circus. In addition to his extensive collection, Bill lovingly created two miniature circuses, one of which currently resides at the Barnum Circus Museum in Bridgeport, CT.

William Brinley’s love for the circus and appreciation for a good show, were reflected in the results of the sale of his collection, which totaled more than $162,000.

Prices Realized from the Sale of this Collection Include: