Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

All auctions are open to the public and anyone can attend. It is free to get in, to preview and free to register to bid. Bring your family and friends! Our auctions are fun and entertaining with a friendly, family atmosphere.
Items for auction are displayed and labeled with lot numbers, or by table and consignor. Some lots are sold individually: some are sold in groups. Buyers can inspect the lots during the preview time leading up to the auction. Arrive at the auction early and carefully inspect the items you are interested in. Before the auction begins, make a list of the items you want to bid on and write down the lot numbers so that you can follow along during the auction. Check in and register with our staff before the auction begins. They will give you a bidder card to use during the auction. Your bidder number is how the auctioneer knows who has won an item.
Don’t worry! Bidding at our auctions is easy. During cataloged auctions, we feature images of each item on screen with the lot number as it’s being sold. During our weekly auctions, each item is held up for the crowd as it is being sold. The auctioneer speaks clearly and it’s easy to follow along. When the item is being sold, get your bid card up in the air and make sure that the auctioneer can see your bid. Have an idea of what you want to pay for an item ahead of time. Setting a maximum bid amount can keep you from getting carried away!
If there is an item that you want to bid on, but cannot attend the auction in person, Nest Egg Auctions can execute a bid on your behalf. This is called absentee bidding. Ask a Nest Egg employee for an absentee form and fill in the maximum amount you wish to bid for each item. Your bid amount is held in confidence in our computer system and then the auctioneer will bid for you during the auction. Absentee bids are opened as low as possible, in order to give you the best advantage. We do not start the bidding at your maximum amount! If you cannot attend the auction is person, but still want to be part of the excitement of live bidding, you can set up a phone bid. Before your item comes up at auction a Nest Egg bidding agent will call you so that you can hear the item being sold live. You may then bid on the item live on the phone!
Once you win a bid, our computerized system will generate an itemized invoice for you and you can pay when you are finished bidding. Buyers’ premium and tax is added to the hammer price. Smaller items and lots may be delivered right to your seat, and large items can be picked up on our loading dock when you are ready.
Selling items at auction is a great way to realize an accurate market price, for antiques, collectibles, and estates. Nest Egg Auctions takes the time to market and advertise items to the largest possible audience. We display and organize items in order to achieve the best possible results. Our auctions are attended by hundreds of dealers, collectors and qualified buyers. Selling items at a live auction builds excitement and urgency at the point of sale, unlike an estate sale or an antique show. The price of an item at live auction can only go up! At an estate sale, it can only go down.
Nest Egg Auctions primarily sells antiques and older collectibles at live auction. Items from an estate or a collection include: Military items like swords, flags & helmets, vintage toys, banks and dolls, pottery, porcelain, china and glass, paintings, art and sculpture, antique furniture and carpets, linens and textiles, paper, postcards and ephemera, baseball cards and other sports memorabilia, fine jewelry and costume jewelry, clocks and watches, lamps and lighting, coins and stamps, knives and antique guns, vintage and antique clothing, musical instruments, advertising, architectural elements, taxidermy, sterling silver and estate jewelry.
The process for selling items at auction is easy. The first step is to call or e-mail us and tell us about your items. If you only have a few pieces, you can bring them to us here at our gallery. If you have a lot of items or an entire estate, we can come to you and give you a free, no, obligation consultation. No pressure, just honest advice on the best way to handle your situation.
Items are sold at auction on a commission basis. The commission varies based on the quality, quantity and value of the items consigned. For estates and large consignments the commission is generally set at a flat rate. For smaller consignments and frequent dealer rates, please call ahead.
Nest Egg auctions will provide a written contract that clearly states, commission, expenses, items to be sold, dates and times and any additional terms. Items are carefully transported, stored and cataloged before the auction. Nest Egg auctions is fully insured, our staff is courteous, friendly and always professional.
Nest Egg auctions promotes our auctions through the use of national newspapers and trade publications like The Newtown Bee (antiques & the arts weekly), Antique Week, Antique Trader, the Journal of Antiques, Local Newspapers, Online auction websites like, our website:, and e-mail marketing to our extensive database of qualified buyers. Important items and collections are photographed, cataloged and listed specifically in our advertisements, then listed for live online global bidding to hundreds of thousands of buyers. Using the internet, it is possible to attract buyers from all over the world and make it easy for them to bid.
When your consignment is completed, you will receive a detailed, computerized report of each item or lot that includes hammer price, commissions and expenses (if applicable). This report and payment by check generally follows 30-45 days from the final sale. Smaller consignments are sometimes paid and finalized in 7-10 days!
Dealing with an estate can be overwhelming. There are so many things to consider when it comes to courts, lawyers, real estate, the will and family members. Let us come to you and help you with the contents of the house, the attic, the basement or the garage. We can help you decide what is trash and what has sales value for the estate.
Nothing! We provide a free no-obligation consultation for local estates. We respond quickly, and can help you decide the best plan of action for your specific situation.
Don’t throw anything away until it has been looked at by one of our professionals! Time and time again, we arrive at an estate only to find out that thousands of dollars in items have been thrown into a dumpster and hauled away! The old adage is true: “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” We can help you decide what has value and what should be disposed of, donated, or recycled.
Auction items are carefully packed and transported to the Nest Egg Auction warehouse. Items are labeled, organized and stored. Before the auction, everything is sorted, cataloged and prepared. Descriptions and photographs are taken for advertising. The auction is conducted with items selling to the highest bidder.
That usually depends on the size of the estate and the amount of items that go to auction. Smaller houses and collections can sometimes be sold in a single auction. Larger quantities of merchandise may take several auctions in order to achieve the best results.
Simply put, Fair market value is the price an object can be sold for if put up for sale on the open market. (Auction, Estate Sale, etc.) Replacement value is how much it would cost to replace an item with the same or similar. (This most often means a retail price)
Appraisals are conducted to determine the value of personal property. That property could include a collection, an estate, or a single item. This value determination is used for insurance purposes, probate courts, or personal information.
An appraiser will visit you and evaluate your property. He or She will take photographs, measurements and make observations. After the property has been evaluated the appraiser will then conduct research about the items. When the research is finished a detailed report is generated about the item that includes a firm statement of value.
Fair market value is used to determine general sales value for items and estates that are to be sold at auction or purchased by an individual or company. This type of appraisal is very useful for probate and for determining the value of items to be divided up amongst family members. Insurance appraisals are detailed reports carefully conducted by certified appraisers in order to determine the replacement value of an item should it be lost, stolen, or damaged.
Nest Egg Auctions offers free, informal, verbal appraisals by appointment. Please call ahead if you have any questions. Formal written appraisals are billed by the hour. Estate, Fair Market and insurance appraisals vary based on the scope of the project and the appraiser required. Rates vary from $100 to $250 per hour.
If you only have one item and you aren’t sure what the value is, just give us a call or send an e-mail. Make sure you have details about the item and send photos. We can usually tell you whether or not it’s worth paying for a formal appraisal.
We hold many different types of auctions that feature Estates and Collectibles, Antiques and Art, and specialty auctions for specific collections. We also offer custom auction solutions.
Yes. Nest Egg auctions is always happy to make an accurate cash offer on estates, collections and groups of items.
When you are ready to downsize it can be tough to decide what items to keep and what to sell. You’ve built a collection over the course of a lifetime, but now it’s time to thin things out. We can help you sell the items of value and help you donate, dispose of or recycle the rest. You can count on our family to help yours.