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Fine Art, Estate & Antiques Appraisals in Connecticut

Ryan C. Brechlin and the Nest Egg Auctions Team offer informal verbal antiques appraisals of fine art and old collectibles by appointment at the Nest Egg Gallery in Plantsville, CT.

Success Stories from Antiques Appraisal Events:

These items were brought to an Antiques Appraisal event hosted by Nest Egg Auctions or one of our community partners and sold at auction. The examples below are just a few of the treasures that people find in their attics, garages, family estates, or storage lockers and choose to sell at Nest Egg Auctions.

Types of Estate & Antiques Appraisals:

Informal Appraisals

Informal antiques appraisals are a quick and simple way to determine the general value of your property without the time and expense of a formal written appraisal. This is the type of appraisal most of our clients prefer and we offer this service by appointment.

Insurance Appraisals

Insurance appraisals are conducted for the purposes of determining a firm statement of value required by insurance companies and industry professionals. Insurance appraisals are conducted by a certified appraiser and billed hourly. The rate and amount of time involved varies based on the scope of the project. The final report is prepared personally for you using USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice). Once the appraisal process is complete you receive a detailed written report.

Disbursement Appraisals

Disbursement Appraisals for estate and family purposes are conducted when a family wishes to divide property among the heirs of an estate. The Executor or Executrix will initiate the process and a firm statement of value will be assigned to various heirlooms. This is an important step in creating an equitable division of property during the liquidation and settlement of an estate. Disbursement appraisals are billed hourly and quoted upon request.

Probate & Family Estate Settlements

Probate and family estate settlement appraisals are generally conducted upon the request of a probate judge or other legal professional such as your Family estate and trust attorney.

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions about appraisals.

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