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About Nest Egg Auctions​

Nest Egg Auctions is an auction house located in Plantsville Connecticut. We specialize in Fine Art, Estate Jewelry, US and World Coin Collections, Fine and Collectible Watches, and large collections. We are a family-owned and operated company with over 25 years in the auction business.

Sell At Auction

Our Auction approach is unique

We advertise your collection to the largest possible audience through multiple online bidding platforms, telephone bidding, live audience and absentee bids.

The modern way to sell at auction

Our auctions feature live audio and video streams that keep our audience engaged for the whole sale. Every aspect of our auction is handled in house: Vaulted storage, Catalog writing, Photography, gallery, saleroom, shipping, and settlement.

Our auctions are expertly curated

We carefully catalog, photograph and showcase your items in a brilliant digital format to sell your collection for the highest possible price. Our buyers trust our descriptions and our knowledge.

Nest Egg Auctions is interested in items and collections in the following categories

Fine art: Paintings and Sculpture

Many art collectors eventually reach a point where they need to sell some or all of their collection.

Rocks, Minerals and Gemstones

Rocks and minerals are all around us, and can be found in every type of landscape.

Luxury and Vintage Watches

There is no doubt designer watches are some of the most luxurious items a person can own.

Estate & Antique Jewelry

Estate jewelry can be an excellent way to add a touch of elegance and luxury to your wardrobe

US and World Coins

Coins have been used as a form of currency for centuries, offering insight into past cultures.

Thai Buddha Statuette

Asian Art & Antiquities

Asian Art and Antiquities are perennially popular at Nest Egg Auctions.

Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver, Coins and Silver plate. Learn how to Sell Silver at auction

Musical Instruments

Objects “Made in Meriden”

Antique Clocks

Learn about selling your antique clocks at live and online auction

Persian pictorial carpet showing the Shah Mosque of Isfahan, Iran

Oriental Rugs and Carpets

Learn more about the wonderful world of oriental rugs and carpets.

Auctioning Safe Deposit Boxes

Nest Egg Auctions is an experienced and court approved safe deposit box auctioneer.

Selling a Lifetime Collection

Learn about selling your lifetime collection at Nest Egg Auctions!

Identifying an Art Print

Learn about what a print is, and how to identify it.

Buying At Auction

All Auctions are open to the public and we welcome all bidders.

Browse the catalog

Auction lots are posted about 30 days prior to the sale date. You can view photos, read descriptions and get ready to bid.

More ways to bid

Bid live in-person, over the phone, via absentee bid, or bid live-online through one of our many platforms. Follow along with the live video and audio streams and be part of the sale!

Post Auction

After the auction, payment and shipping is online and automated. You can pay your invoice online, or mail a check. Once your invoice is paid, you can schedule a pickup, or request shipping. Most items are shipped in house and the process is simplified through text and e-mail messages

Please contact us today for more information on how we can help you.

Auctioneer Ryan C. Brechlin
Mary Ellen Brechlin
Matthew Blanchard

Nest Egg Auctions LLC
8 Metals Drive
Plantsville, CT 06479
Tel: 203.630.1400